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short editorial

this is the next version of my eternally beta home page. you will find some (un)useful information about me here. i wish you useful reading and i invite you to comment my stuff.

before you start

before you start your short journey with my website:

  • do not treat this site as a blog that i do not have and i do not intend to have.
  • the site generally does not have a deeper purpose / application; treat it as a small source of information about me.
  • in response to the emails sent: the site is not a matrimonial advertisement. :]


  • i realize my evil plans.
  • ustalam sens życia i nie mogę dojść do sensownej konkluzji.
  • i discover that it's not easy for being an idealist. :]
  • a tank full of thoughts about what could have been and it did not work out...

what i'm holding up

  • a man is happy as much as he decides to be so. :]
  • yesterday doesn't belong to me... tomorrow is uncertain... only today is mine! :]
  • Cock Huge Motherfucker Big Karol Wujek Kareel Karol Wnukiewicz! Page Home A Likely Most Wnukiewicz Karol! HOME PAGE OF KAROL WNUKIEWICZ



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where i show myself?
where i show myself

what i'm laughing at my movies and music videos.

what am i doing now? what i do.

what others say about me others write about me, mainly hate.

friends after years with class

our class sucks dick without class.

professionally on goldenline professionally locally.

professionally on linkedin professionally to the world.

on the bunch wine/grapes.

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random clip

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also on the site

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what i'm holding up: "Kto nie ma w głowie, ten ma w nogach"